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Addiction Prevention Programs

In Fall of 2014, the first PREVENT DEFENSE programs were presented in 3 Metro Atlanta counties; in 9 different high schools, a middle school's 8th grade health classes and a football team.  By the time the school year ended PREVENTDEFENSE had been presented to almost 90 groups of students and was well recieved by both educators and students alike.

Hello Trey,
Thanks again for coming to speak to the Health students at Pebblebrook High School. Your personal story was inspiring for the students and gave them the opportunity to see and hear from someone that had a first-hand experience with alcohol and drug abuse. It is my hope that your program will continue to grow so that you can reach many more young people with your message in hopes of saving lives. God bless!
Nikia Bynum-Isler, M.P.H.
Pebblebrook High School
P.E/Health Dept Chair
Head Varsity Volleyball and Girls Golf Coach
Dear Mr. White,
I just wanted to let you know that you were the perfect speaker for my Junior/Senior Health classes at Kell High School.  Your topic of discussion with the students was exactly what we teach and hope our students can and will avoid this happening to them based on acquiring knowledge, continuing to educate themselves, and developing  and implementing healthy decisions.
As I looked around the room throughout your talk, there was not one student who was not actively engaged, or did not have wide eyes of astonishment that someone experience all that you have experienced in your life because of a series of choices that lead to drug and alcohol addiction.  I know my students know the possibility of this happening, but hearing it from you and seeing your passion and concern to prevent them from going through what you did made it all real to them.  You were exemplary in your message to our students. 
I personally want to thank you for being so easy to work with and giving our students the opportunity to hear your message “Sharing Our Experience so a student doesn’t have to” through you PREVENT DEFENSE Program.  I wish you the best of luck delivering your passionate message to the youth of our community and beyond.
Lauren Hines
Health Teacher
Kell High School
Cobb County School District
Dear Mr. White & Prevent Defense,
Thank you so much for coming to Woodstock High School to speak to our students about the ramifications of using drugs.  This is a very important subject to teenagers and you and your Prevent Defense group are a very important step to the education of this age group.
The students have really gained a lot of respect for addiction and recovery.  They are able to see a “real person” who has been there and was there at the same age as the students are at this time. 
We look forward to seeing you again next year!
Thank you for your time and knowledge, and the willingness to share your story.
Anita Dodd
Woodstock High School
Mr. White, you went to my 3rd period class today at Kell High school and the things you said really got me thinking. I've never drank or drugged before but alot of my friends do but I don't let them peer pressure me into doing those things. If there was a way to, I would like to do what you did today. I would like to go to other schools like middle schools and some high schools to talk about the bad things that could happen. When I was for I lost my uncle XXXXX in a car accident from drunk driving. I was in the car at the time and didn't know what to do because I was just a young boy. Knowing what I know now I can tell my kids later on in life what you told me today and how these things can affect you and your mind. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to speak with us, much appreciated. Let me know if If there is a way to go to other schools to talk about those things, I'd like to participate in that. Email me back @ bXXXXXXX.com
Sincerely, B....
...at this point many of us are used to hearing about the same general message of "stay away from drugs" but I have never heard from the personal experience of those who have suffered...it was much more effective and eye opening.  Please continue to share your stories and help students understand...
Lasster High Student  Fall 2016
Mr. White,
Thanks for talking to me and my classmates today. I have seen alcoholism close up.  My uncle was killed in car crash a few years ago while he was drunk. I was lucky to live I was in the car with him.  I hope my classmates understand how true what you were saying is.
Thanks again
M.  (Student)

Groups/Schools that have had PREvent DEfense programs in their Classrooms since 2014-15:
Cobb County: Lassiter High, Walton High, Pope High, Kell High, Pebblebrook High, Harrison High School, North Cobb High School, Griffin Middle  Fulton County: Milton High, Roswell High, Cambridge High Cherokee County: Woodstock High, River Ridge High, River Ridge 2015-16 Football Team,  Mill Creek 8th Grade Middle Health Classes Dawson County High