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Addiction Prevention Programs
Student Programs

Parent Programs

The programs are brought to the students in classrooms or larger assemblies by  recovering addicts or alcoholics.  The variety of presenter on a panel will bring differant  backgrounds that more students will identify with.  The presenters will then tell how they started experiementing with drugs and alcohol and how it was  "just partying".  They explain how drugs and/or alcohol began to the effect their lives.  They will share their stuggle with addiction as they realized they were in trouble.  They will also tell the story of others just like themselves that have not been so fortunate with their recovery. 
The latest research and statistics regarding the risks for young people using drugs and alcohol are also presented with unique analogies and metaphors that make the facts more  relatable.  Emphasis is placed on the fact that the decision whether or not  a student is going to "get high" or drink underage may be the most important decision a young person makes.  Knowing the risks, the decision should be obvious!
The Parent Programs can be brought to family nights, PTA meeting or other gatherings of caring parents.More than 90% of addicts and alcoholics started using and drinking before the age of 21. The topic of addiction and alcoholism can be a sensitive topic in the home.  Research shows that ongoing dialog, clear rules and expectations, and honest discussion about the topics decrease the risk of kids getting involved with drugs and alcohol.  Again the program may be presented by an addict or someone who has lost someone to addiction.  Addiction and Alcoholism show no prejudice and many addicts and alcoholics  often come from what would be considered low risk enviroments.  

"...the wise learn from the experience of others."
                                                                                                                              Romanian proverb.

We have no set fees, only suggested contributions to the PREVENTION OFFENSIVE.

Parents' Programs
Elementary, Middle or High School

High School or Middle Schools
 Single class or assembly    $200*
 Multiple classes throughout a day   $300
2 days of classes(in one semester)       $400 
 Fall and Spring semester's classes     $500
*Red Ribbon Week Assembly $300

PTA/PTSA MEETINGS 40 min program  $100
Red Ribbon Week Program    $200

We ask for contributions for The PREVENTION OFFENSIVE the non-profit foundation responsible for bringing these programs to students and parents.  If funds are not available for the programs in the school or organization's budget, it will NOT prevent the program from being presented to the students.  We have and can get sponsors to help cover costs and suggested contributions.