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Addiction Prevention Programs
As a teen Trey White was involved in sports, made good grades and was exploring Christianity through Young Life and Sunday school at a local church his parents joined.  He had many friends that were doing the same.  However after just a couple of decisions to follow others around him that were just "partying" with drugs and alcohol,  previous relationships and passions became less and less important.   The beginnings of dangerous lifestyle began.  After more than a decade of using and addiction, he was able to find a way to change and live a clean and sober lifestyle.
Not long after getting clean and sober in 1989, Trey White felt the need to talk to kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. However not until many years of teaching and coaching recreational sports to young people did the real vision of how to best do it come to light.  After the Outdoor Adventure Tours of the Summer of 2014, where Trey spent 4 days traveling more than 800 miles each week with just 6 or 7 kids participating in large variety of outdoor activities, Trey felt that he really could have reached the kids with  heart to heart discussions about drugs and alcohol.  Well, their folks did not sign them up for that!  It was time to do something.  After researching the latest statitics and risks and reviewing his own choices he made as a kid, he began to develop the program that is now know as PREvent DEfense.  He sought out consults from others with long term experience in the prevention field and set out to reach as many kids as possible in the 2014-2015 school year.  After speaking to the first group of kids,  a student was in tears and reached out to him via email that evening sharing the loss of a loved one with him.  Another student expressed his commitment to not using drugs or drinking underage.  That is when he knew that he was going to be able to make a difference.  At the end of the school year he had presented the Student Addiction Prevention Program known as PREVENTDEFENSE to more that 90 groups of students and he knew then that it was time to commit fully to the cause. 
In Trey's examination of statitics and risk factors pertaining  to addiction and alcoholism he found great information on how important it is for parents/caregivers to have ongoing dialog with kids about drugs and alcohol and shares this message from is own experience in adult geared presentations for PTA/PTSA and organizations.
Trey realizies that he is not so young and that kids may relate better to younger recovering people if they brought the message of the Prevent Defense Program.  So the vision is to now use young local recovering addicts to go back to the communities where they grew up, perhaps even their own school and deliver the Prevent Defense Program.  All the while being of service to that community and bringing purpose and meaning to their own battle with addiction.  A key principle to long term sobriety is service.
If you have looked this deep into Prevent Defense, you must have a strong interest in the problem that is addiction and helping with a solution.  We need so much help to reach our GOAL of EVERY STUDENT in the metro Atlanta area meeting an addict and hearing the Prevent Defense message.  We need audiences: ask your school to ask us to come.  We need young dynamic recovering people to help present Prevent Defense to kids.  We volunteers to reach out to schools and other organizations.  And of course we need funds via sponsors and donors.  Please if you want to help now is the time.  Kids are dying, adults are living tragic lives with addiction and dying too!  We have to help the next generation of young people make the BEST INFORMED decision based on REALITY regarding drugs and alcohol as a young person.  email [email protected] or 770-401-3314 and ask for Trey

On 6/3/2015 the State of Georgia Incorporation process began as well as the 501c3 status filings.

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