The Prevention Offensive
7035 Surrey Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189
Addiction Prevention Programs

The Prevention Offensive's 1st Annual
benefitng PREVENT DEFENSE programs

The Prevention Offensive Inc  is committed to bringing the MOST IMPACTFUL addiction education, prevention and intervention program to ever hit metro Atlanta Schools.  PREvent DEfense programs began in 2014 with one volunteer sharing his experience with addiction with students in order to that more of those students would NEVER have to share his experience.   Now more than 30 volunteers have shared their experience and the REALITY of the RISKs with middle and high school students. 

All the volunteers, being in recovery, know that service to others is key for long term sobriety and all those who have shared with the students have found the experience incredible.

The desease of Addiction is so rooted in the poor decisions of our youth.  The message coming from us rather that parents, teachers, counselors, doctors or psycologists is so impactful because we frame our experience in terms that kids can relate to.

Join us today by taking the challenge of your life. Your fundraising will help change young peoples views about "partying" with drugs and underage drinking. We are reaching students on so many levels.  They thank us helping them stick with their current abstinance from drugs and alcohol.  They thank us from directing them to change the path they are on.   Some students even ask for help for they have wanted to stop have have not been able to. 

We believe every young person should meet some people who made poor choices regarding drugs and had to deal with the consequences brought on by addiction therefore having a greater real life understanding of the risks.  Doing our best to erase the false ideas that "it could never happen to me" or "it's no big deal.

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