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Addiction Prevention Programs
Identification and Insight
"Sharing Our Experience..."
The experience shared by people that young people can IDENTIFY with goes a long way.   Those who have experienced addiction first hand add great weight to the message.  Recovering addicts share how they first decided to "get high" and where the "partying" took them.  Recovered addicts explain that they are the exception and that so many addicts and alcoholics leave a path of destruction in their lives and many die from their addiction or alcoholism. Those who have lost loved ones to addcition also bring an impactful message.
The Truth about Drugs and Alcohol
Information is key to making the best decisions.  The latest research shows that statistically those that smoke marijuana or drink alcohol under the age of 20 are 6.5 X more likely to have issues with addiction or alcoholism in their future.  That takes the risk from less than 4% up to 25%.  1 in 4!  Now these stats are based on people who admit issues with addiction or alcoholism.  It is estimated that as much as 60-70% of those who have issues with drugs or alcohol never admit it.  That could bring the risk up to approximatly 40% of the kids who use or drink will have issues with addiction or alcoholism in their lifetime.  
Open and Honest Dialog within
Families and Communities
Research shows that ongoing open and honest discussions with kids about alcohol and drugs reduces the likelihood that those kids will find themselves in trouble with drugs or alcohol.  This is often a difficult topic due to addiction or alcoholism present in the family or family history.  Prevent Defense  programs emphasize the risk factors so young people understand that adults bringing drug and alcohol information to them are not trying to deny them something with any benefits but help them understand the decision to get high or drink alcohol comes with great risks.