The Prevention Offensive
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Addiction Prevention Programs

"Sharing Our Experience So a Student...
                NEVER has to Share Our Experience"

PREvent DEfense programs help students make better more informed decisions about drugs and drinking.  They also help reoovering people stay clean and sober through service work.  The programs also give young people an avenue to reach out for help through the
"Letters to the PTO Team" program. 
  1. Our Children
    Our Children
    We all want the best our kids and them to make the best choices for their future as individuals as well make choices to better their world. One decision a child makes can have a lifelong impact on their lives.
  2. Young People and 
the Choices they Face
    Young People and the Choices they Face
    The early decisions that our kids make regarding drug and alcohol use are often only based on acceptance from peers and instant gratification... NOT from real experience or risk factors.
  3. The ONLY Risk Free  Choice
    The ONLY Risk Free Choice
    Addiction is a disease that an individual has 100% control over whether or not they "contract" this disease by choosing NOT use drugs or drink alcohol
We Know that More Students Will Make the BEST Decision if they
Just Have More
  1. Identification
    The Ability of the Student to Identify with the Presenter creates the Most Powerful Impact on a Student's View on Drugs and Underage Drinking
  2. Insight
    Coming from the Experience of recovering addicts or alcoholics and those who have lost loved ones to addiction or alcoholism
  3. Information
    The Truth about the Risks of Drug and Alcohol Consumption and their effect on young people